At Irby's we offer Salon apparel by Betty Dain, Andre', Salon Elements, Rollers,Plastic caps, Latex gloves and much more!ALL On Clearance !!

Plastic Caps

Plastic Caps 30ct $2.99 Assorted colors


Water and Chemical Proof
Easily Adjustable with Unique Pull String Ties
Functional Deep Pocket

$1.99 ea Close-Out

Response Professional Magnetic Rollers
Response magnetic rollers offer a super-smooth
roller surface which adheres hair to it for easier rolling, and fast , effective and beautifully curled sets.
Med 3/4" 12ct $ .99
large 1" 10ct $ .99
X-large 1 1/4" 8ct $ .99
Jumbo 1 1/2" 6ct $ .99

Mesh Rollers

Size 1-3/4" Diameter x 2-3/4" Long
Color: Pink
6 Rollers per package
Use with Pins or Clips
Made in Italy
Diane Mesh Hair Rollers * Pink 1-3/4" #542 $.99

Size 2" Diameter
Color: White
6 Rollers per package
Use with Pins or Clips
Made in Italy
Diane Mesh Hair Rollers * White 2"

7/8, 11/16, 1/2 $2.99 (12ct)

Click picture to ZOOMMagic collection Duck Bill Clips
All Purpose Duck Bill Clips. 3.5" long Rust proof 1 dozen ct package $ 1.79-----Close-Out $.99

Diane Longies Curl Clips
Diane Professional Longies Curl Clips with Special Long Lasting Coil Springs. 3.5"
24ct package.

$ 1.99

Response Hair Pins 80ct
2" Smoothe Finish Pins 80ct package

$ .99

Latex Gloves

Latex Gloves 100 ct Box medium & large $ 6.99 10 ct pak medium & Large $ 1.99

Yosan Barber shears
Shear Technology - from Belson YOSAN SHEARS 7 1/2" Shears (haircutting scissors) Bevel-Sharpened Blades Japanese Stainless Steel Blades Satin finish Japanese steel blades Smooth and durable Fiberglass reinforced plastic finger handles Individually packed Hang card

Christina Satin Bonnet
Click picture to ZOOM

Triple Gro SatinBonnet With Built In
Growth Treatment
Adjustable Drawstring Bonnet
Longer, Stronger Hair in One Month, Guaranteed !
assorted colors
Repairs, Rebonds Rebuilds

Triple Gro Satin with Built
In Growth Treatment.   $ 2.59 ea

Open Top Satin Wrap
Click picture to ZOOM

Open top Satin Wrap with velcro closure. For professional salon results. Never a broken hair. Adjustable velcro in back $1.69

Click picture to ZOOMDeluxe Foam Mesh Wrap
Deluxe foam Mesh Wrap Comfortable Foam Padding head band with Velcro Closer. $ 2.49

Jumbo Styling Dye Brush
Click picture to ZOOM

Jumbo Dye Brush 9" rat tail, 2" brush Smooth Finish .69 ea

Click picture to ZOOMResponse Shampoo & Cutting Cape

Response Shampoo & Cutting Cape

Water and stain resistant * Lightweight and comfortable vinyl material.** Safe for chemical processes*** Extra large size: 45"x60"

Velcro neck closure****  Your client's sensitive skin will be both protected and comfortable !!!


$ 3.00 Last One


Flexible Twist Rods

                                                 Great Curls are minutes away !                                             Hair Length

Response Twist Rods. All rods are 8" long * Green Rods 1/4"  ^ Tight curl--------- Very Short hair

                                                           * Yellow    3/8"   ^ Tight curl---------- Medium short hair

                                                            * Red       1/2"    ^  Med curl---------- Medium long  hair

                                                            * Blue      9/16"   ^  Med curl---------- long  hair

                                                            * Orange  5/8"    ^  Volume & Body ---DISC

                                                           *  Grey      11/16"   ^ Volume & Body----- Super long hair

                                                          *  Purple      7/8"    ^ Volume & Body-----Extremely Long hair-      

All Rods packed in 6pc per package.  $ 2.99 pk****SPECIAL  $ 1.50 pk   


Shampoo Spray Hose

Spray hose fits onto faucet and holds tight, it comes with a snap-on brush attachment. 39" long.

$ 1.59 ea

Butterfly Clamps
Click picture to ZOOM

Butterfly Clamps 2" or 3"
12ct package
$ 1.50

Click picture to ZOOMResponse Combout Cape
Water and Stain proof.
Lightweight and comfortable vinyl material.
Size 36"x 27".
Velcor neck closure.

This vinyl cape can be used for chemical processes as well as comb outs.

$ 2.59

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