Premium Ethnic Shampoos and Conditioners From CB SMoothe

C B Smoothe Offers a Complete line of  Hair Rejuvinating Shampoos and Conditioners for all types of Hair.

CB Smoothe Relaxer and Cooling Scalp Nutri also in stock for the relaxer process !!



24K Oil by CB Smoothe

24k OIL !!
C.B. Smoothe 24K Oil is a special blend of 17 Precious soothing Botanicals and natural oils needed to protect and maintain healthy hair, skin and scalp.
For Hair: 24K oil is a light scented hair designed to give extra shine to hair and protection from moisture and humidity and can be used for daily styling., Pre-Shampooing Oil treatment or for a Hot Oil Treatment !!!  Add a few drops to Triple Silk Conditioner for additional  benefits of your conditioner experience. 24k Oil can be used to cleanse your skin and moisturize and soothe the scalp   Can be used as a Thermal Syling aid,.24k oil leaves no greasy build up so it can be used daily !!

8oz $ 8.99             Special deals on multple bottles
2oz $ 3.25



Deep Penetrating Triple SIlk Revives and Conditions

Triple Silk deep penetraing  premium moisture-rich conditione for Superior result with every use. Formulated
especially  to rebuild moisture base,  moisturize
damaged areas to help prevent breakage, restore hair's normal acid
mantle pH, impart a non-oily silky feel with glossy sheen, and
detangle and improve hair combability. Use after a relaxer treatment and after shampooing with any CB Smoothe shampoo. Available in 4 sizes


5.5oz $ 3.69
16.oz $ 8.99
2lb $ 15.49
4lb $ 27.99


6-N-1 Reconstructor Creme from CB Smoothe

C.B. Smoothe 6-N-1 Reconstructor Creme is a unique all in one product. Our high potency formula is designed to: . strengthen and repair damaged cuticle . stop breakage and shedding . minimize porosity . improve elasticity . volumize fine, limp damaged hair . penetrate (without coating) The end result is incredibly healthy looking hair with great body and shine. (1). CB 6-N-1 can be used immediately after rinsing CB relaxer from hair prior to neutralizing shampoo.(2). As a Reconstructor treatment after a weekly shampoo just apply after shampoo cover hair with a plastic cap leave on for 30 minutes, rinse . Hair will have added body and shine. 16oz     $ 8.99



 3 IN 1 The  Ultimate Reconstructor by CB SMoothe  provides the perfect blend of Protein, Moisture and Oil for severely, Dry Damaged Hair . These ingredients provide the foundation for rebuilding weakened hair. 3 IN 1 Reconstructor can be used after relaxer treatment, during tinting or bleaching or blonding treatment. Helps to repair damaged or breaking hair and can even be used as your regular conditioning treatment. 16oz $ 7.59


Click picture to ZOOM CB Smoothe Neutralizing Shampoo
This product quickly returns hair's pH to normal after a relaxer treatment, it can also be used as a regular cleansing shampoo. 8oz $3.99

Click picture to ZOOM CB Smoothe Cooling Scalp Nutri

It surpasses all hot oil treatments you may have used in the past. This product's superior formula adds body and shine to the hair and reduces unwanted itching flaking and dryness of the skin and scalp. GREAT FOR PRE-RELAXED BASES 16oz $7..99

32oz   $10.99



CB Smoothe Designer Lotion is an innovative formulation for Wraps, Finger Waves, Soft Freezes, traditional set and blow drys. Can be used on wet and dry hair designs. Super Glossy, Natural Shine, never hard, easy comb out, quick drying, long lasting style, non-flaking. Leaves all textures of hair bouncy and feeling fabulous!!! 8oz $ 5.99 32oz $ 12.99 (refill)



CB Smoothe Hold & Shine Designing Spritz

CB Smoothe
Hold & Shine Designing Spritz
Silk Protein Hold & Shine Designing Spritz is a medium holding non-drying spritz enriched with silk protein for added luster. It will not build up on hair. It leaves your hair soft,  silky  and  shiny !!! .   To apply  hold  6-8 inches from hair  to spray.  It shampoos out easily. It is a Versatile Sculpture Lotion for Body and Bounce and Glossy Sheen. Ideal for Wraps.

12oz  $ 6.49


CB Smoothe Conditioning Remoisturizing Shampoo

CB Smoothe Conditioning Remoisturizing Shampoo Softening & Detangling formula restores balance , cleanses and repairs damaged and chemically processed hair. This Luxury shampoo is fortified with Botanicals for unsurpassed conditioning. Enjoy shiny more manageable hair. 8oz $5.49 16oz $7.49

Pure Silk by CB Smoothe

CB Smoothe Pure Silk leaves hair Silky and Shiny with Moroccan Argan Oil. CB Smoothe Pure Silk truly works wonders for hair and skin. It's unique blend of Moroccan Argan Oil, Shea Oil, Omega 6 antioxidants, vitamin E, and Macadamia Seed Oil helps moisturize protect and condition hair and skin. Argan Oil is highly valued for it's nutritive , cosmetic and numerous medicinal properties. Shea Oil is rich in vitamin C and is helping reduce dryness. Message a few drops onto wet or dry hair, and proceed with blow drying or styling. 2.oz pump bottle $ 6.99

Rejuvenating & Therapeutic Anti-Dandruff Shampoo fProvides relief for dry & Itchy Scalp

CB Smoothe Rejuvenating & Therapeutic Shampoo has a Fast working formula  created to provide the  ultimate cooling and soothing experience for your scalp.It Conditions And Detangles.  A blend of menthol and campor combines to relieve dry, itchy and flaky scalp. The stimulating sensation guarantees to be the best Anti-Druff  dandruff and dry scalp.,. Available in 3 sizes. 2oz $1.99 8oz $6.49, 32oz $15.99 


CB Smoothe Cool Silk Conditioner

CB Smoothe Cool Silk is The treatment for Dry, Dull,limp hair. This is truly a Moisture Silk Conditioner with Rejuvenating Sensation that is formulated to restore natural oil and moisture to the hair while imparting body, bounce and shine. Use Cool Silk along with Rejuvenating & Therapeutic Shampoo for relief from Dry & Itchy scalp. 2oz $ 1.99 8oz $ 4.99 2lb $ 14.59  4lb $ 26.99


Creme & Body Shampoo with JoJoba

C.B. Smoothe Creme & Body Shampoo with JoJoba is especially formulated to revitalize both hair and scalp with nature's own moisturizing JoJoba Oil and Vitamin E. The combination of these two natural ingredients works together to emulsify sebum build-up and moisturize the scalp. C.B. Smoothe Creme & Body Shampoo has excellent protein penetration for chemically treated hair and will leave the hair feeling luxurious. Continual use will help keep your hair and scalp healthy and looking great. 32oz $ 7.99

CB Smoothe Moulding Creme

CB Smoothe Moulding Creme is exclusively for all formulated styling uses, it's ideal for Moulding, Braids and Twists, Dreads. CB Smoothe Moulding Creme has excellent holding power and adds high Shine and Nourishes, Conditions Hair.. It increases body and reduces static electicity. Use with electric rollers, curling irons, wraps, waves and use it to prevent damage from heat.Great for Sculpting and Shaping. It will increase the setting strength for wet sets. CB Smoothe Moulding Creme is Aloe Vera Enriched, it Silkens,Hydrates , Conditions and provides Extra Firm Hold. 16oz $ 7.99


DEEP CLEAN Shampoo Nutri by CB Smoothe
Click picture to ZOOM

Deep Clean Shampoo Nutri with 100% Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint Oil, Soothes Dry , Itching, Flaky Scalp.Shampoo Nutri Removes Buildup of styling products and waxy conditioners as well as mineral deposits. Hair and scalp are clean , fresh and hydrated, with out dulling ,stripping or coating hair. Shampoo Nutri is excellent for Natural Hair styles such as Locs, braids, and those coming out of weaves. 32oz $ 11.99

CB Smoothe Coconut Hair Milk Conditioner
Click picture to ZOOM

Coconut Hair Milk  *   Styles * Protects * Conditions*

****  Smoothe Naturally  Coconut Hair Milk****    Sulfate and Paraben Free***

Our Hair Milk is infused with Coconut Oil , Coconut Milk, Silk Protein, Shea Butter, Avocado Oil and other Essential Oils. Keeps hair detangled and conditioned while adding body and shine.  Coconut Hair Milk can be used for Twist styles  and will keep hair hydrated all day long. Reduces breakage and protects against heat damage.

Directions : Rub small amount in palms and distribute evenly throughout hair. Best used on damp hair.

8oz $9.99




SANI-SELECTED Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer
Click picture to ZOOM

Click picture to ZOOM
Sani-Selected Alcohol Antiseptic 70% Topical Solution HAND SANITIZER w/Aloe 70% Alcohol 8oz Squeeze Bottle $6.69 16oz(2 Bottles) $11.59

Click picture to ZOOMCB Smoothe Shine Creme

CB Smoothe Shine Creme enriched with protein adds moisture to hair. Can be used on wet or dry hair. Recommended for Press and Curls also.  CB Smoothe Shine Creme is a great daily moisturizer, blow drys hair soft and shiny. It can be used to protect ends from heat damamge, works on Natural or Permed hair and yet its light and won't weigh hair down. A little goes a long way.

4oz  $ 5.75



CB Smoothe Leave In HEMP Conditioner
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CB Smoothe Leave In HEMP Conditioner with Avacado & Argan Oil. Formulated with finest natural ingredients to keep hair resilient and bring dry , damaged hairback to a healthy condition. HEMP Oil promotes New Hair Growth and hydrates hair from roots to to tip. Leave in Hemp Oil helps stop breakage while nourishing Dry , Damaged hair. 8oz spray $ 5.99


CB Smoothe Leave-in Botanical Reconstructor
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This Natural Botanical Reconstructor helps to encourage new hair  growth. It smoothes the damaged hair shaft  and seals the cuticle for easy combing with no snarls or tangles.  It  repairs, restructures,  and  rebonds the hair for that healthy  shiny look.  The effectiveness increases with each treatment.     EASY TO  USE:   After  shampoo  mist onto hair , work in well  and comb through. Pay close attention to damaged ends.  No need to rinse out  set or style as usual.  Formulated to repair permanently curled, relaxed, color treated, bleached, abused or sun and chlorine damaged hair.   FOR  ALL  HAIR TYPES

8oz   Spray  bottle    $ 4.29



After Shampoo Leave-In/Instant Conditioner CB Smoothe
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CB Smoothe After Shampoo/Leave-in Instant Conditioner From CB Smoothe is specially formulated to detangle and moisturize the hair after shampooing. Its special blend of conditioners and silicone leave the hair soft and silky. It will not the weigh hair down and can be used as often as one normally shampoos the hair. 2oz $ 1.39 8oz $ 3.99 32oz $ 6.99

Satin Creme Press and Curling Wax
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Apply a small amount. For faster penetration cover head with a warm towel. The wax gives hair control for styling. Use for problems of hair damage and hair loss that are the result of chemical relaxers. Can also be used for hot curling and pressing and to protect the hair from the thermal process.  Braids, Twists & Dreads : The wax gives holding power & shine  for all types of hair.  Use to mold  & sculpt in desired style.


16oz jar $ 8.99

Click picture to ZOOMC.B. Smoothe Scalp Therapy

Enriched with African Shea Butter and Vitamin E, C.B. Smoothe Scalp Theraphy contains oils to assist in soothing scalp damage due to chemical processing and weathering and in restoring moisture balance to dry, brittle hair. Daily use will help to relieve dry, itchy scalp and helps promote healthy hair.

4oz jar $ 4.59
16oz    $ 8.99
For DryItchy Scalp It Works Wonders !!!


Leave-In Detangling Conditioner by C B Smoothe
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CB Smoothe Leave-In Detangling Conditioner is recommended to eliminate dryness,brittleness,and limpness; and isespecially good on over-processed , dull hair. It penetrates the hair shaft quickly while detangling and adding sheen making it excellent for fine ,limp hair and ideal for wraps and roller sets.

Instructions for use:  Shampoo and Condition hair thoroughly with CB Smoothe products.  Towel blot hair  and apply CB Smoothe Leave-In Detangling Conditioner over entire head.  Distribute evenly through the hair.  Do not rinse. Style as desired.

8oz pump spray $ 4.49 32oz $7.99

C B Smoothe Setting Lotion
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C B Smoothe Setting Lotion ia a professional product designed for use with all thermal styling devices. When evenly misted C B Smoothe's Setting Lotion will insulate the hair from heat caused by blow drying, curling irons and hot roller sets. C B Smoothe Setting Lotion leaves the hair with added body, control and protection from the sun. It also adds in detangling without leaving hair limp. 16oz $ 4.99 32oz $ 6.99

C B Smoothe Moisture Leave-In Treatment
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C B Smoothe Moisture Leave-In Treatment This vitamin enriched formula is perfect for the whole family. This is a light formula hair lotion and conditioner that protects your hair from the damaging effects of blow-drying, hot curling or combing. It strengthens and conditions while restoring the hair's natural oils. EXCELLENT FOR: Curls,Body Waves or Natural hair. Just massage a small amount hair through hair, comb through and style as desired. 8oz Bottle $ 4.99

CB Smoothe SILK

SILK seals the cuticle surface for a smooth,satiny finish. Blow dry or brushing creates Silk effects without oil. SILK  imparts a healthy, luxurious shine and body. Hair looks and feels like Silk.  A few drops  go a long way.

2oz    $ 4.50

8oz    $ 10.99


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