Premium Conditioners from CB Smoothe, Aphogee, Strong Ends, Smoothe Naturally,At One, That Restore, Repair  and Soften Dry Brittle Hair of All Types and Textures


Original Triple Silk by CB Smoothe

Original Triple Silk From CB Smoothe

Is Specially Formulated for to provide Deep Conditioning  for Both  Relaxed and Natural Hair Styles.
A  premium Salon tested Moisture-rich conditioner with panthenol and silicones especially
designed to:
1. Rebuild the moisture base.
2. Draw moisture to damaged areas to help prevent breakage.
3. Restore hair normal acid mantle pH.
4. Impart a non-oily silky feel with glossy sheen.

*** For Incredible Silkiness And Shine Leave A Small Amount Of Triple Silk In hair when Styling**

Available in 5.5oz $ 3.29-- 16oz $7.99 -- 2lb $14.79  -- 4lb $26.99


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Deep Penetrating Cool Silk by CB Smoothe

Deep Penetrating CB Smoothe Cool Silk is The treatment for Dry, Dull,limp hair. This is
truly a Moisture Silk Conditioner with Rejuvenating Sensation that is
formulated to restore natural oil and moisture to the hair while imparting
body, bounce and shine. Use Cool Silk along with Rejuvenating &
Therapeutic Shampoo for relief from Dry & Itchy scalp.
8oz $3.99   2lb $13.49   4lb 25.99


CB Smoothe After Shampoo Leave - In Conditioner

AFTER SHAMPOO LEAVE IN INSTANT CONDITIONER CB Smoothe After Shampoo Leave In Instant Conditioner is specially formulated to detangle and moisturize the hair after shampooing. Its special blend of conditioners and silicone leaves the hair soft and silky. It will not weigh the hair down and can be used as often as one normally shampoos the hair. Special 32oz $ 6.99 More CB Smoothe Click Here

Leave-In Silky Coconut Milk Conditioner

Leave-In Silky Coconut Milk Conditioner (Spray Applicator.)

Smooth Naturally Leave-In Coconut Milk Conditioner is formulated with the finest
natural ingredients to keep hair resilient and bring dry, damaged hair back to a
healthy state. Itís infused with natural emollients that moisturize, detangle
and condition, while gently hydrating your hair from root to tip. Coconut milk &
panthenol help stop breakage while nourishing and strengthening dry, damaged and
overworked hair. Leaves hair manageable and easy-to-comb, with a soft, radiant
sheen. Does not contain Sulfates, Parabens, Alcohol

8oz $8.99 

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CB Smoothe Leave In Detangling Conditioner

CB Smoothe Leave-In Detangling Conditioner is specially formulated to eliminate Dryness, Brittleness and Limpness. It works especially well on dull, overprocessed hair. It Penetrates the hair shaft quickly while detangling and adding sheen making it perfect for use on fine, limp hair and ideal for wraps and roller sets.

Aphogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor


ApHOGEE Intensive Two-Minute Keratin Reconstructor
Dry, brittle hair with cuticle and cortex damage requires special help.
ApHOGEE Keratin Reconstructor provides a weekly regimen that can be
prescribed for home use between salon visits. This concentrated blend of
keratin amino acids, botanical oils, and vitamins does wonders to restore
strength and softness to hair that requires a deep penetrating treatment.
Outstanding on tinted, bleached or relaxed hair. Helps repair damage
caused by chlorine and hard water. Soothes the scalp and may be applied
following each shampooing until the condition of the hair is restored.
8oz $$5.29 16oz $7.99
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Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer


The correct moisture balance is essential to strength and elasticity of
healthy hair. ApHOGEE Balancing Moisturizer attracts and seals in moisture
for supple, luxurious hair. It enhances and retains all chemical services.
It contains collagen amino acids, emollients, vitamins deririvatives and
herb extracts. ApHOGEE Balancing Moisturizer keeps hair from frizzing and
is recommended for processed hair and the ends of long hair.
8oz $3.69 16oz $5.99

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AtOne Botanical Reconstructor Conditioner

AtOne Botanical Reconstructor Conditioner

Rich in nutrients to treat damaged areas inside
and on the surface of hair shafts. Natural
emollients and botanical extracts give hair more
elasticity, body and shine. Apply to damp hair
after shampooing. Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes,
then rinse. For intensive treatment, leave on
for 10 to 20 minutes. (8 Fl. Oz., 237ml)

8oz $5.99

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AtOne Now get two treatments in one! Intense moisturizers hydrate both
your scalp and hair. Specially formulated to provide quick, soothing
relief from the discomfort of dry and itchy scalp. Enriched with
natural oils and botanical extracts to reconstruct and protect
damaged strands. Detangles to minimize breakage. Leaves your hair
healthy, soft, shiny and full of body. Excellent for relaxed,
color-treated and natural hair.

Directions: Shampoo hair with AtOne With Nature Dry, Itchy Scalp
Shampoo. Gently blot dry with a towel. Apply Dry, Itchy Scalp
Moisturizing Conditioner throughout hair. Massage into hair and
scalp with fingertips. Leave on for 3-5 minutes. For intense
treatment, cover with plastic cap and leave on for 10-20 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly. Use after each shampoo.
8oz. $ 4.99

AtOne Super Gro Hair & Scalp Conditioner
AtOne Super Gro Hair & Scalp Conditioner

100% natural herbs and oils, plus vitamins and
panthenol help control hair breakage and
lubricate scalp to maximize hair growth. This
light formula spreads evenly and penetrates
easily to give your hair a radiant shine.
Contains botanical extracts and sunflower seed,
sweet almond, mink, jojoba, olive and avocado
oils. (5.5 Oz., 154g)

5.5oz $ 5.99

StrongEnds Hydrating Super Reconconstructor
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Honey Infusion & Shea Butter
12 oz


Intense Damage Hair Eraser
Helps to Rebuild Hair Fibers
Restore Full Body

This is the perfect recipe for damaged over-processed hair

After shampooing , apply Super Reconstructor to towel dried hair. Place a plastic cap over the hair and sit under a warm dryer for 10 to 15 minutes or leave on hair for 45 minutes to 1 hour without heat for intensive treatment. Rinse thoroughly and follow with any Honey Infusion product.

DEEP CLEAN Shampoo Nutri by CB Smoothe
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Deep Clean Shampoo Nutri with 100% Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint Oil, Soothes Dry , Itching, Flaky Scalp.Shampoo Nutri Removes Buildup of styling products and waxy conditioners as well as mineral deposits. Hair and scalp are clean , fresh and hydrated, with out dulling ,stripping or coating hair. Shampoo Nutri is excellent for Natural Hair styles such as Locs, braids, and those coming out of weaves.

32oz $ 11.99

CB SMOOTHE Leave In Hemp Conditioner

Leave IN HEMP Conditioner

CB Smoothe Leave in HEMP CONDITIONER W/Avacado and Argan Oil, Strengthens and promotes new hair
growth !!! prevents breakage and moisturizes dry hair.
8oz Spray $ 5.49

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